1. Node.js The Right Way

by Jim Wilson(Author) .
Node.js is the platform of choice for creating modern web services. This fast-paced book gets you up to speed on server-side programming with Node.js 8, as you develop real programs that are small, fast, low-profile, and useful. Take JavaScript beyond the browser, explore dynamic language features, and embrace evented programming.Harness the power of the event loop and non-blocking I/O to create highly parallel microservices and applications.

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2. Node.js in Action

by Alex Young (Author), Bradley Meck (Author), Mike Cantelon (Author), Tim Oxley (Author), Marc Harter (Author), T.J. Holowaychuk (Author), Nathan Rajlich (Author).  
The first edition of Node.js in Action was about web development with a particular focus on the Connect and Express web frameworks. Node.js in Action, Second Edition has been updated to suit the changing requirements of Node development. You’ll learn about front-end build systems, popular Node web frameworks and how to build a web application with Express from scratch. You’ll also learn how to create automated tests and deploy Node web applications.

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3. Learning Node.js Development: Learn the fundamentals of Node.js, and deploy and test Node.js applications on the web

by Andrew Mead (Author) . 
A comprehensive, easy-to-follow guide to creating complete Node apps and understanding how to build, deploy, and test your own apps. Key Features Entirely project-based and practical Explains the “Why” of Node.js features, not just the “how”, providing you with a deep understanding and enabling you to easily apply concepts in your own applications Covers the full range of technologies around Node.js – NPM, version control with Git, and much more

Price : INR 1410

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